Trying out new phone lines isn't the cheapest hobby in the World, so I always research a lot before dialing the number. The numbers that I'll be posting on this page were first found by me on the Internet, recommended by a few other people, and I only list them here if they make it to my cell phone's contact list. So they're like you know, the celebrities of phone sex numbers. This way, you nice perverted people save a lot of time and money while I hopefully get some good Karma or something.

Cheap phone sex number

Cheap Phone Sex
Affordable sex chat is what a lot of people are looking for, especially if they're new to the game and want to see how it works first. Either that or they're so poor that they eat their cereal with a fork to save milk, like I do. Anyway, this is not only a really cheap phone sex number but also an awesome one, even if it wasn't only 25 cents per minute. Whenever my balls are bigger than my wallet, that's the number I speed dial. When someone recommends something that literally costs a quarter, it's really difficult to go wrong.

MILF phone sex number

MILF Phone Sex
Up to a certain point, when they're just too old and start hitting their tits with their knees, women age like wine. Their tits and asses get bigger, it's easier to get them to orgasm as they know what they like and they're not shy to tell you and, most importantly, they understand us. All la 20 year old knows, from experience, is that she pretty much has to be alive to get her boyfriend's cock up and throbbing. A 40 year old is a lot better than that, and they'll push all the right buttons. The nice MILFs are nearly always married so, whenever I want to have some fun with one without feeling guilty about fucking another man's wife, that's the number I call.

Cuckold phone sex number

Cuckold Phone Sex
I'm a sicko so there are 2 fantasies I like to play with when I call this number: The first one's all about my wife being another man's whore. I always ask for Tanya to tell me what a pathetic sissy I am and how my tiny schwanz is such a disgrace to human race. The second one's about, you guessed it, me being the bull. I wouldn't, as I told you already, do this in real life, but I love hearing a woman moaning and telling me to fuck her as hard,deep and fast as possible, before her loving man gets home from work, while I'm furiously stroking my 3 incher.

Kinky phone sex number

There are things that I want, but most phone sex operators simply won't do. Except for the girls who answer at this awesome find of a phone sex number. For example, I last asked Jolene to stick a pencil up her ass. After that, I talked to her a bit about her family, politics, the weather... normal stuff like that. I could tell that she's very uncomfortable so I loved every second of it. After about 10 minutes, I asked her to call a girlfriend and let me listen. You get the picture...