This New Testament translation comes alive with over 300 Color Photographs of Bible sites and lands.

The four gospels are integrated into one gospel.

Reading of the complete gospel account chronologically in one volume is inspirational.

Jesus' words are in red letters.

Different fonts for the gospels of Matthew, MarkLuke, and John provide easy and quick recognition of material from each book.

Updated language is used for understandable and easy reading.

Topic headings provide summaries of contents.

Basic maps of Bible lands are included.


Various Photo Pages

of the Blessing Bible New Testament

Pages 3-4 -- Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Pages 55-56 -- The Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Pages 149-150 -- Beginning of Acts

Pages 317-318 -- Beginning of 1 Timothy

Pages 357-358 -- Beginning of James

Pages 389-390 -- Beginning of Revelation

Pages 423-424 -- Beginning of Gospel Index


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