by Reverend J. A. Phillips, Ph.D.

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Table of Contents

Below is a small example of the detailed Table of Contents.
The book contains a total of 66 Chapters and 161 pages,
including a detailed index and over 100 Full Color Photographs.

List of Photographs
Map of Jerusalem
Map of Israel and Jordan

Chapter 1

The Beginning
Announcement of John the Baptistís Birth
Announcement of Jesusí Birth

Chapter 2

Mary Greets Elizabeth
Song of Mary
John the Baptist Is Born
Song of Zachariah

Chapter 3

Jesus Is Born
Shepherds Visit Jesus
Jesus Is Named
Jesus Presented to the Lord in the Temple

Chapter 4

Wise Men Visit Jesus
Escape to Egypt
Herod Kills Children
Return to Israel
Jesus at the Temple

Chapter 5

Isaiahís Forerunner Prophecy
John the Baptistís Baptism of Repentance
John the Baptist Is the Forerunner
The True Light
John the Baptistís Testimony

Chapter 6

Jesus Is Baptized
Jesusí Genealogy - Possibly Through Mary
Jesusí Genealogy Through Joseph
Jesus Is Tempted
The Lamb of God Who Takes Away Sin

Chapter 7

Some Follow Jesus
Jesus in Galilee
Wedding at Cana

Chapter 8

Jesus in Jerusalem at Passover
Nicodemus Hears about New Birth

Chapter 9

Jesus in Samaria

Chapter 10

Jesus Returns to Cana
Jesus in Nazareth
Jesus in Capernaum

Chapter 11

Jesus Teaches in the Synagogue
Many Receive Healing from Jesus

Chapter 12

Jesus Teaches the Beatitudes
Value of Salt and Light
The Law and Righteousness
Murder and Anger and Reconciliation
Adultery in Thought
Do Not Make Oaths
Have a Giving Heart
Love Neighbors and Enemies

Chapter 13

Giving in Secret
How to Pray
Fast in Secret
Heavenly Treasures
The Light of the Body
One Master
Seek First the Kingdom of God

Chapter 14

Do Not Judge Others
Be Careful to Whom You Give
Persistence in Asking
Ask, Seek, and Knock for Good Things
The Narrow Gate to Life
Not All Will Be in the Kingdom of God
Fruit Reveals the Essence
Build on a Solid Foundation
People Astonished at Jesusí Teaching

Chapter 15

Jesus Heals a Leper
Test of Discipleship
Wind and Sea Obey Jesus
Gergesene Freed from Unclean Spirit
Chapter 16
Paralyticís Healing Glorifies God
Jesus Calls Levi and Eats with Him
Fast When the Bridegroom Is Gone
The Old and New
Jesus Heals Woman and Raises Girl

Chapter 17

Jesus Heals Two Blind Men and a Silent Man
Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath
Withered Hand Healed on the Sabbath
Many Are Healed
Centurionís Great Faith
Widow of Nainís Son Resurrected

Chapter 18

Jesus Chooses Twelve Apostles
Instructions for the Twelve

Chapter 19

Jesus and His Disciples Minister in the Towns
John the Baptist Inquires of Jesus
Woe to Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum
Father Reveals and Jesus Gives Rest
Jesus Is Slandered

Chapter 20

The Blessed Obey Godís Word
The Sign of the Prophet Jonah
Return of Unclean Spirit
Jesusí Family
A Woman Anoints Jesus

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