Becoming a Christian

Scripture indicates that those who seek God will find Him if they seek Him with all their heart (Deuteronomy 4:29; Jeremiah 29:13). I was not aware of this idea in the Scripture, but since the age of five when I received my Secrets book, I did begin to seek God. I remember asking my mother when I was ten, "What is a Christian?" She replied, "A Christian is someone who believes in God." I knew that was not the whole answer, so I continued to seek God. One summer when I was twelve, I made myself read the whole Bible. I wasnít able to understand it, but at least I had read it. However, I still hadnít found God. Each Sunday, I would attend the Episcopal church with my father and would listen very carefully to the sermons. I had the choice of attending Sunday School instead, but there was too much goofing around in my Sunday School class, so I decided to stay in the main church with my father, listening intently. But this didnít help me either.

When I was a teenager, I joined a TRI-Y group for girls, sponsored by the YMCA. One evening, Wednesday, May 9, 1956, one of the girls in our group brought her Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Isabelle Roberts, to our meeting. She presented the real, but simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hearing what she said made sense to me about how to become a Christian and why I needed to be one. When Mrs. Roberts finished speaking, she asked if any of us wanted to receive Jesus into our life and become a Christian, since Jesus had died for us on the cross so that if we receive what He did for us and applied it to our lives, we could have our sins forgiven and be united with God in fellowship now and in eternity. I responded without hesitation. Finally, I had found God and become a Christian through receiving what Jesus had done for me at the cross! And what peace I had! No more searching. The Holy Spirit bore witness with my spirit that I was right with God (Romans 8:16) ó finally! God had answered my prayer, even if it did take over eleven years.

That night, I think I was the only person who responded to Mrs. Robertsí invitation to receive what Jesus did at the cross and become a Christian, but I was so glad that she came to speak to our group, even if it was just for me at the time. Mrs. Roberts didnít just lead me to salvation through Christ, she also discipled me, giving me workbooks to fill out, which asked questions about specific scriptures in the Bible. This grounded me in the Word of God right away.

And I began to memorize Scripture. Almost every day in the summer of 1956, I would walk three miles to play tennis and bring Scripture memory cards with me to memorize. So I didnít just become a Christian, I began to grow as a Christian in the knowledge of God and His Word.

I still attended the Episcopal church with my dad, but now I could understand the sermons better because I was a Christian. And now, I was beginning to understand Godís Word, which was being engraved on my heart (Proverbs 7:1-3).