Continued Process of Fulfillment

When Bethany College notified me that they were closing the Sacramento satellite, at first I was concerned. But then I began to praise the Lord who has everything under His control and who has been guiding my steps. At this point, I began to sense a great deal of freedom. Just before the notification, I had been thinking about Janice Woolbridgeís dream and other prophecies that I would have many disciples around the world. I didnít see how that could happen. Now, maybe it could with our new college we wanted to open. Maybe this is what Larry Mininger meant when he prophesied that my ministry would expand.

I picked our theme verse for the college, and we agreed on the name, Reyah Bible College. Thanks to the gracious help of our Pastor, Jesse Rorie, we were able to keep the excellent facilities that we had used for Bethany Sacramento, and our Bethany College adjunct instructors remained with us. We set up a corporation board and registered with the State of California as a nonprofit, religious corporation. We also registered with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, which granted us official authorization to award degrees. Then we filed for our tax exempt status with the federal and state governments. In addition, we wrote an Information Handbook with our statement of faith and other helpful information about our college.

Our classes began the week of September 8, 2003, with students who remain very excited about our high quality, affordable biblical and ministry education. Plus, as busy learners, they like the flexible format of learning through evening classes and/or audio tapes and audio CDís.

Students who graduate from Reyah Bible College have gained biblical and spiritual enrichment and are qualified educationally for ministerial credentialing with our Associate in Leadership Ministries program. In addition, they gain experiential learning which can count in a portfolio for credit at many regionally accredited colleges.

Thus, we provide accessible education to enrich, disciple, and equip our students to be effective and fruitful as they go about our Fatherís business. Our motto is: Learn ó Develop ó Serve! Biblical Education for Busy Learners! And Lord willing, we are and will continue to "spread everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ," 2 Corinthians 2:14.

On Monday, February 2, 2004, I received a phone call from one of our students, Midge Rodriguez. She related that a lady, who had been praying for her, came up to her Sunday at church and gave her a Bible verse that God had given her to give to Midge. Midge said, "You will never guess the verse!" I said, "Is it 2 Corinthians 2:14?" It was! Midge was so excited because to her it meant confirmation that she was to keep attending Reyah Bible College, that this was of the Lord. She sensed God saying to her, "You are in Reyah, and I put you there. You are learning the Word to speak to your family and others." Now, more than ever, Midge definitely believes that God is using Reyah and me for her life and others spiritually!

Have I met the tall "African guy with glasses who is very humble?" I may not have met that specific person yet, but Kevin Brown, one of my former students, fits all of the criteria except he is not from Africa, but he is a black man. While visiting in our home on January 27, 2004, he said that I am supposed to be doing teaching seminars and for now not to be concerned about fund raisers for the college. Kevin has started the ball rolling for me to provide seminars, first in his church and then in others, and he and his wife have been a tremendous blessing to me and Dal.

Kevinís word to me was confirmed the same day he mentioned seminars, January 27, 2004. A former student, Amanda Shepard, who directs Chi Alpha at the campus of San Francisco State University, e-mailed me that day and asked me to do a seminar on March 20, 2004, for college students from five campuses in the San Francisco area. Of course, I said, "Yes!"

Well, thatís my story so far. I had thought my life was plain and uneventful, but considering the interaction of family and friends along with Godís guidance, it now seems interesting to me. But my earthly life is not completed yet. God still has service for me to do for His Kingdom and glory. Stay tuned.