Current Family
I have been blessed by God with a wonderful husband, Dallas Alfred Phillips. Dal first saw me in San Mateo, California (where we had moved), at one of Hillsdale High Schoolís rainy-day football games, where I was performing as head pompom girl. He had come to watch his brother, Roger, who was the drum major of the band at the game, but he noticed me bounding around with my long pony tail. Now, Dallas is five feet, five and one-half inches tall and wasnít interested in dating girls who were taller than he was, so after the rainy game was over, he went down from the bleachers to stand on the ground near me in order to see if he was taller than I was. Sure enough, he was (I am a towering five feet tall). So when he and his brother played their guitars and sang at one of our high school pep rallies, he asked me if he and his brother could give me a ride home. I said, "Yes," since I knew his brother, who was in one of my classes. The next day, Dal invited me for a dinner date. Since he was a Christian and only wanted to date Christians, at dinner he carefully brought up the subject of God and Christianity. He had determined that if I was not a Christian or not interested in becoming one, he would not date me again. But I was a Christian! Whew! (Story to follow.) I didnít know that it was a good idea for Christians to date Christians, but I was very pleased that he was one also. God even was guiding me in this aspect of my life.

One thing led to another, and in 1959 we were married. By then I had completed one year of college at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, and wanted to settle down and raise a family. I had no plans to continue with college.

We were blessed to raise three children, Roger Barry, Robin Christine, and Timothy Glen. All three are Christians and living for the Lord, for which we are thankful to God. Roger is a pastor and store manager, having a wonderful wife and two boys; Robin works for the Secretary of State in Washington State and has one boy, two girls, and a granddaughter; and Tim owns his own auto glass company and has a wonderful wife and three girls. All three of our kids live in the same town in Washington, and Tim and Robin and their families all attend Rogís church. When we visit one, we visit all, which is very convenient for us. So our quiver is full, and we are blessed as a family.