Early Beginnings

Family Background

Since the Scriptures provide many lists of genealogies, I thought I would include a brief genealogy of my family. Of course, we all started with God and Adam and Eve and then later Noah and his family, but aside from that, my family can be traced back quite far into antiquity. I am a direct descendent of the following notables (why else would I give you my genealogy?):

Pepin the Elder        c. A.D. 580–639
                                                  — Founder of the  Carolingian dynasty
                                                  — Mayor of Austrasia
Dodo                       c. A.D. 640
Pepin of Herstal       c. A.D. 635–714 
                                                  — Duke & Mayor of Austrasia
Charles Martel         c. A.D. 688–741
                                                  — Mayor of Austrasia, King of
Pepin the Short         c. A.D. 714–768 
                                                  — Mayor of Austrasia, King of Franks
Charlemagne            c. A.D. 742–814
                                                  — King of Franks
                                                  — Emperor of the Holy Roman
Pius Louis I              778–840      — Emperor of the Holy Roman
Charles the Bald       823–877      — Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Judith married Baldwin the Hardy — Count of Flanders and Artois
Baldwin II                d. 919          — Count of Flanders, married Ethelswida/Elfrida,
                                                             daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England 
Edward the Elder     d. 924           — King of England, grandson of Alfred the Great,
                                                             King of England
Edmund I                 921–946       — King of England
Edgar                       944–975       — King of England
Ethelred II                968–1016     — King of England
Edmund Ironsides     981–1016      — King of England
Edward                    d. 1057         — Prince of England
Margaret, married Malcom III       — King of Scotland
     William the Conqueror, 1027–1087 — King of England
                                       — Married Matilda, daughter of Baldwin V
     Henry I, 1068–1135 — King of England
Matilda, daughter of Margaret married Henry I, King of England
Maud/Matilda          1102–1167     — Empress of Germany
Henry II                  1133–1189     — King of England
John                        1167–1216     — King of England, signed Magna Carta
Henry III                 1207–1272     — King of England
Edward I                 1239–1307     — King of England
Edward II                1284–1327     — King of England
Edward III               1312–1377     — King of England

Besides a genealogy, I also had parents. They gave me a good moral background and good basic qualities which help me today. My father, Arthur Barry Casad, is noted for being the son of Adam Floy Casad, Captain of West Point’s famous football team of 1902 and later coach and professor at West Point. A military base, now an industrial park in the area of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, has been named after my grandfather. My father also is noted for being a graduate from Stanford University, an engineer, and for working on the Polaris Missile. One of his distant relatives is Mary Cassatt, an impressionist artist (1844-1926) who is featured on postage stamps. My mother is noted for being born on Valentine’s day and having the name of Katherine Elizabeth Darling. The genealogy above comes from the family line of her father. My mother graduated from the University of Washington as an art major and became a fashion designer, later working for Mattel and designing Barbie Doll clothes.