First Phases of "Official" Ministry

The first paid teaching position I obtained after receiving my M.A. was for Simpsonís B.A. program which still was in Sacramento. I taught for them the Fall semester of 1986 and received enthusiastic compliments from the students.

After teaching for Simpson one semester, Capital Bible Institute (later Capital Bible College) hired me to teach Old Testament. I had applied there after I graduated. When Rev. Chris Howard made an appointment to interview me, he said, "Come on in and impress me." So I brought stacks of papers that I had written during my graduate work. He said he was impressed and hired me to teach Old Testament. For some reason, I had emphasized the Old Testament in my choices of courses. God had guided me again. As it turned out, I taught for Capital from the winter quarter of 1986 through the spring quarter of 1995, nine years in all.

While I was teaching for Capital, Pastor Leroy Lebeck of Trinity Church asked my husband if I would be the Christian Education Director at Trinity. I said that I already had a ministry teaching and turned down the offer. But I couldnít stop thinking about how the person they would hire should do the job. I kept getting all sorts of ideas. Finally after a month, I realized that God was empowering me for the position. This was Godís way of guiding me to accept the job and an indication that God would enable me. But would I be able to teach at Capital Bible College at the same time? It worked out that I was allowed to engage in both ministries at the same time.

I obtained a ministerial license and remained at Trinity for three years until Colossians 4:17 was impressed upon me, "Take heed to the ministry that you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it." I knew immediately that this verse was speaking to me and which ministry was meant. It was teaching, so I gave six weeks notice to Trinity and ended my responsibilities there with a Vacation Bible School. During that period of time, I could not sense Godís enabling power any longer, although there were no problems. This to me was confirmation that I had made the correct decision.