Further Education

In the spring of 1984, the doors opened for me to attend Simpson College for a Master of Arts in Bible and Theology. Simpson had a Masters program in Sacramento for two semesters. I was able to enroll for the second semester. But then Simpson closed down their Sacramento M.A. program. I didn’t know what to do. I spoke with my advisor in San Francisco, Dr. Glenn Schaefer, and he said I would just have to attend classes in San Francisco. I thought, "Sure, I have a full time job, and there was no way I could get off work to drive to San Francisco for classes." It seemed as if I was at a dead end, since there were no other Bible colleges at the Masters level in Sacramento. But eventually, I got up enough courage to ask my boss if I could take off work on Mondays and Tuesdays to attend college in San Francisco. I was shocked when he said, "Yes, as long I would be available to work overtime on the other days, even weekends, if I was needed." So I was able to continue working toward my Masters after all. And Simpson College rearranged the courses so I could take what I needed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

It took me two and one-quarter years to complete my Masters from Simpson. Several times I stayed up all night working on my course work. I was so engrossed in the studies that I didn’t even realize that I had been up all night until I saw the morning light. At the beginning of each semester, I never was able to pay the total fees which were due, but by the end of each semester, somehow I would have the money to pay the costs. On May 9, 1986, I defended my Thesis. I told my advisor, who was on my Thesis committee, that it was my thirtieth anniversary of being a Christian. He said, "Let’s see how mature you are." Well, I was able to defend my Thesis, and I was able to maintain my 4.0 grade point average, graduating summa cum laude. I had completed this phase of my education.

Dal gave me a surprise party to honor my graduation with a Masters. The morning of the party, he phoned our son, Roger, in Washington, and asked him to make up a poem to be read at my party. Within an hour he phoned back with the following poem:

Dr. Mom
This is no ordinary mother of three;
She’s also a wife and a grandma, you see.
So, why a degree did this grandma pursue?
Didn’t she have anything better to do?

Her dream is to teach, study, and learn.
Therefore, a Masters she sought to earn.
And earn it she did, while working full-time.
She’s summa cum laude, at the front of the line.

Does her schooling end here? You might want to ask.
Is she finally through with her studious task?
In a few years, when she’s a grandmother great,
They’ll be calling her Dr. . . . JUST WAIT!!!!!

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the party. It was continued evidence of support by my husband. I also was impressed by and enjoyed the poem. It later became the inspiration for me to obtain my doctorate.