"Doodlebug," what an unusual title for a book, you might think. Because I am small of stature, my husband decided to nick-name me "Doodlebug," little bug. But the dictionary definition of the word is not very complimentary: the large-jawed larva of an antlion, or any similar insect larva (Encartaģ World English Dictionary © & (P) 1999, 2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.). However, upon looking further, I discovered a meaning that I like better: device used to find minerals (Ibid.) So, I am now applying that meaning to my life: "May I be a device used of God to discover and share the Ďprecious gemsí of His Word." Others might call this the process of "teaching." But the meaning does not stop here. As we grow in the Lord, we become as gold refined in the fire, a precious gem or jewel prepared for His use (1 Peter 1:7). "May the Lord enable me to be a gem for His use by equipping others to grow in Him as precious gems themselves." This is my desire, and I believe it is God-given. Therefore, "Doodlebug" seems to be a fitting title for the story of Godís amazing guidance in my life.

But, on with the story, "Can anything good come out of San Francisco (or anywhere else)?" With Godís enabling power, I believe it can. Letís see! It is sort of difficult for me to talk about myself, but my husband thinks I should, so here goes.