Sandy's Dreams

Shortly after we began the Bethany Sacramento program, one of my students, both at Capital Bible Institute and then at Bethany, named Sandy Bristow, had a dream on October 30, 1996 (my 56th birthday), and I was in it. She told me that she was not subject to dreams or visions. In fact, she indicated that she had never had a dream such as this one. After sharing the dream with her husband, he told her that the dream was from the Lord and that she should call me. The following is Sandy’s account of her dream, which she entitled, "The King’s Banquet":

The King’s Banquet

The Invitation

I received an invitation from the King to a huge banquet. I was overwhelmed to receive the invitation, although inside I always had a knowledge and an expectation that someday I would be invited. Holding the invitation in my hand brought me closer to the reality of the event — that I was personally invited by the King!

It was to be a formal affair. The men were to wear tuxedos with a white flower boutonniere. The ladies were to wear ball gowns. The King was sparing no expense at the preparation of this feast, for its purpose was for the selection of a bride for His Son.

The Young Lady

I had been assigned a young lady to prepare for the time of the banquet. She was only one of many young ladies who had received a special invitation, since they were of the proper age for betrothal and were unmarried. This young woman was, in my estimation, quite plain and ordinary looking. I was to care for her needs up to the time of the banquet. I needed to make sure that she ate nutritiously. When the day of the banquet came, I fixed her hair up in a French-looking hairdo and dressed her in a plain, ready-made formal that we had purchased for about ninety dollars. It was not very fancy, but it qualified because it was of a formal length. I was concerned that she would look very plain next to the other young ladies. I wished that I had more finances to invest in preparing her.

Judy’s House

On the day of the banquet, I helped the young lady into the back seat of my car next to my sixteen-year-old daughter, Elissa, who was going along to assist me. In the front passenger seat was a young girl of about ten years of age. We were going to Judy Phillips’ house. I had kept the young girl for three to four days. Judy had been given a sort of guardianship over her.

When we got to Judy’s house, the young lady stayed in my car. Elissa and the little girl went into Judy’s house with me. The little girl sat on Judy’s floor, near the kitchen, playing and listening quietly. Judy was busily pulling trays of hors d’oeuvres and fancy little desserts out of a rounded-cornered refrigerator. She was placing the trays on the kitchen counter. Some of the trays were decorative silver trays and some were more plain. One tray had what appeared to be chocolate-covered eggs, spaced about three inches apart. Another tray had what appeared to be rounded shortbread biscuits with a raspberry sauce poured over them. I was amazed that Judy prepared that much food in only three to four days, during the time that I had the little girl in my care.

Judy mentioned that the little girl had received a special invitation from the King to be among the select group of eligible young ladies. I was astonished and thought, "No way . . . she’s too young and not mature enough." I mentioned something to Judy about her being mentally slow or not up to par. Judy’s response to me was, "Shhh." The girl was nearby and could hear. Judy was concerned that she would be offended. She thought that she should go to the banquet and did not see her imperfections as a reason to exclude her. I also knew Judy respected the King and would honor His invitation.

Judy’s Ice Cream

At some point, Judy asked Elissa and me if we would like something to eat. We chose some ice cream that Judy had made herself. There were two rounded containers. The ice cream level was below the one-half mark. Other people had scooped out ice cream before us. Elissa selected the container with three flavors, a pastel trio of chocolate and two exotic flavors. I chose what looked like vanilla and strawberry. I recognized that the ingredients were very fresh and were only the finest available. I had never tasted anything like it before. It was not of the store-bought variety.

The Little Girl’s Socks

In this dream, I never saw the little girl’s body or face. The only portion which manifested was her legs. Judy was pulling long white-ribbed cotton socks onto the girl’s legs. They pulled up over her knees. Then she put black Mary Jane shoes on her feet. I was thinking how I wished that I had known that the little girl was invited, because I wanted her to have a pretty dress to wear to the banquet. I was concerned because Judy stopped after putting socks and shoes on her. She didn’t have a dress for her to wear. But she wasn’t concerned and her focus immediately went back to the food she had prepared and getting it to the banquet.

After this, Elissa and I helped Judy load all the trays of food into her car. We no sooner had her car loaded when she took off in a cloud of dust without even looking back. All of a sudden I remembered, "Oh no! She forgot the little girl!" No sooner had I thought that when someone walked up to Judy’s house and through the front door to complete the preparation of the little girl. Seeing that amazing transition and knowing that the little girl was taken care of, I got into my car and took off to follow Judy to the banquet.

The Banquet

The banquet was to be held in a huge outdoor coliseum. The tables, arranged in many, many long rows, were very long and covered with white starched tablecloths. Judy arrived and was busy unloading the trays of food from her car and putting the food on special tables reserved for the food. She was very focused, neither looking to the right or left, but quickly moving and placing the food on the tables.

It still was early in what seemed to be the afternoon. There were maybe two to three hours before the banquet would begin. I noticed that Judy was wearing a suit like always. I was wearing jeans. This was normal attire for us in spite of what everyone else was wearing. There was a feeling of total acceptance and no condemnation whatsoever for my wearing jeans to the banquet. I was a worker, and I was dressed perfectly for my job. Judy’s suit was perfectly in line with her position also.

The Young Lady and the Bride

I took the young lady, whom I had prepared to be selected as the bride, and ran her across the grass area to stand in a special area reserved for those young ladies who had received special invitations from the King. The King and His Son were to be in a fancy coach drawn by beautiful horses. The coach would pass in front of all the eligible young ladies, among whom the King would select a bride for his son. There was a sense of excitement and anticipation among the ladies.

As I left the young lady whom I had prepared, I was so concerned because she looked so plain. "Surely the King wouldn’t take any notice of her," I thought. As I walked back to the table area, I had a vision of the woman who was to be chosen for the Son’s bride. She was stunningly beautiful. Her face, hair, and gown were breathtakingly perfect. She seemed to glow with light from within. I thought, "She’s not the one I brought."

I turned around to check on the young lady I had left, and she had been miraculously transformed. She was perfectly radiant and beautiful. Her dress had turned into a ball gown. I thought, matter-of-factly, "Wow, she must have brought her makeup with her."

The Uncouth Couple

Judy was busy putting food out onto the serving tables. I was standing at the end of one table in the banquet area. There were a man and his wife seated near me. The man looked rather bristly and shaggy and like he did not belong in a tuxedo. He looked as if, in his off time, he rode a Harley. His wife, who also was rough and unmannered, may have had one of her own. They had arrived early and were the only ones seated at a table.

The wife had helped herself to an hors d’oeuvre. It was cold, so she took her husband’s cigarette lighter and tried to warm it up. I was flabbergasted at their uncouth ways, so I went and told Judy about it. She immediately confronted them and explained to them that their behavior was not appropriate at the King’s banquet. Without speaking a word, they put the lighter away.

As I walked away from the table with Judy, I asked her, "What are they doing here? Why were they invited?" Judy replied that they had been invited and looked at me and calmly said, "You would be surprised who has been invited." I was contemplating what Judy said and was trying to figure it all out, when I glanced across the grassy field and up past thousands of bleachers.

The King’s Approval

There was a balcony which extended out from the bleachers. It had swags of fabric draped over the edges. The King and His Son walked out onto the balcony. People were trickling into the banquet area, and I knew that the time was getting closer for the banquet activities to begin. I glanced up at the King and His face turned toward Judy. Immediately, I could see His recognition and approval of Judy. I felt that He was pleased with her. Then He looked over the crowds of arriving people.

I still was standing at the end of a long white banquet table. There were more people coming toward the tables to sit down. Judy was busy, continuing to put the food out and arranging it on the tables in the food area. And this is where the dream ended.

Sandy’s Interpretation

The King: God the Father, always loving, never condemning His people.

The Son: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, obediently and patiently waiting with his Father for the time chosen when He would meet His bride.

The Banquet: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The Young Ladies: The Church, who is being prepared to be chosen as the bride of Jesus Christ and who is being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

The Little Girl: Must be Capital Bible Institute. I attended part-time for almost four years. Judy Phillips was one of my instructors.

Sandy: I was given some very unusual character traits in this dream. For instance, I had no spiritual perception. When I woke up, the first thing I thought was that my role in the dream was for some comic relief. Then I considered the details.

The Young Lady: Believers whom the Lord brings to me to take care of and prepare for Him. These are the people of the former Soviet Union and Americans (Key Friendships ministry). It is interesting to note that the Lord is always bringing us a variety of broken and homeless children, teens, and women to live with us and to care for. Of all the work we’ve put into each person, when they leave I often focus on what I perceive as the unfinished work, instead of what has been accomplished. This is what I did with the young lady, the incompletely dressed little girl, and the uncouth couple.

Judy: Judy was herself, focused on preparing spiritual food and feeding/teaching others at church, Bethany and Capital Bible Institute. She is the Energizer Bunny, who keeps going and going.

The Food: As I was reflecting on this, the thought came to mind that Jesus is the Bread of Life. Wine represents the blood of the new Covenant. Jesus said His meat was to do the will of His Father. He said He had meat that wouldn’t perish, which would lead to everlasting life, a gift from Him to us (John 6:27). To say that Judy’s food was only her teachings/knowledge would be not to see the depth of what is really here. Judy teaches the Word of God. The Word is Jesus. She is feeding into her pupils Christ, the Living Word of God, whose life-giving truth pulsates throughout our being by the power of the Holy Spirit and changes us, mind, body, and soul. After an encounter with Jesus Christ, we are never the same. We are, as Oswald Chamber relates, ruined for the natural.

Preparation: At the same time that food was being prepared, the bride was being prepared and the banquet was being planned.

What a wonderful day that will be! I’m so excited that I’m invited! Certainly my view of my work for the Kingdom of God has been affected! By the way, I’m also relieved that I can wear jeans!

Judy’s Comments

The young girl over whom I was guardian in the dream is Capital Bible Institute. Ten years before toward the end of November 1986, I began to teach there. I have not taught there for a year but have provided manuals and books, which I have written, for them to use, which explains my limited involvement as portrayed by the socks. Sandy was one of my students at Capital Bible Institute and graduated after almost four years there with a two-year diploma. This may be shown in her involvement with the girl in the dream. Capital Bible Institute is not slow, but it is not a regionally accredited institution and so it has a lower academic status when accreditation is considered.

Also, soon after Sandy’s dream when I was teaching an adult Sunday School class, a lady came up to me and said she really enjoyed the class because she was so hungry and I was giving her spiritual food. She appreciated it so much that she asked if she could give me a hug. Of course I said, "Yes."

An interesting side note is from our neighbor and close friend Ruth Reis. I told her about Sandy’s dream, and her immediate response was that it could have been her dream, which had some similarities to a dream she had a few days before. She said she saw me dressed as a priest and ministering. She also said that our daughter, Robin, would be taking in a child, as I had taken in the young girl. Well, as it has turned out, Robin since has taken in her granddaughter to raise. Interesting!

Garments of Ministry and Anointing

Sandy had another dream on February 29, 2000. I was in it again, so she passed it along to me. This is her account:

After a weekend at Sierra Faith Center in Mariposa, where evangelist/prophet Todd Bentley prophesied over Elissa and me, I had the following dream Monday night:


The setting was in a graduate-level, college-like atmosphere. Judy Phillips was a fashion designer who designed and sewed very costly couture garments. Her name was synonymous for quality garments. She had two garments hanging up in the room, and I overheard her say that she was going to give them away. There were several students in the room, but none were paying close attention. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so I spoke up quickly and said, "I’ll take them!" So she gave them to me.

In my heart, I had an intense appreciation for the quality of these garments. I knew I was very privileged to possess and wear these specially designed garments.

The Garments

There were two garments. They were constructed exactly the same. Both were knee-length dresses, short sleeved, with the tailoring details (darts, collar, lining, etc.) similar to a suit. The lining was not thick fabric, but of a durable fabric that made the finished garment thicker and heavier (like wearing two garments together). The looked very costly and rare.

A Little Problem with Fitting

Both garments were sewed exactly the same, but of different patterns and colors. One garment was obviously a little older and slightly "worn." I thought it might be really comfortable, but when I tried it on, it was just a little too tight, so I decided to try on the other garment. They reminded me of the summer military uniforms I had in the Navy, which were two-pieced suits, with similar fit and seams.

The other garment was slightly big, but I wore it. I was a little self-conscious about wearing it though. I knew that not everyone had a couture garment like I was wearing, and I had a sense that some people might have negative feelings about my wearing it. I was afraid they might think that I was dressing above my status.

Sandy’s Interpretation

I believe that the garments each represented a ministry focus or possibly spiritual giftings. They were given freely, and I took them freely. They were offered for anyone. There were a number of students in the room with four to five standing and chatting with one another. But I overheard Judy say that she would give the garments away. I quickly spoke up first, and she gave both garments to me.

The first garment was an older garment; it felt a little worn and represents past ministry experiences, the Russian Church, etc. The second garment represents a new ministry gifting that the Lord has given me to wear. I’m just putting on something new, and it doesn’t quite fit yet—I have to grow into it. It is meant to be a well-fitted ministry when I grow into it. It may represent the prophetic and healing ministry.

Judy Phillips was an instructor at Capital Bible Institute and Bethany College for many classes that I had. She labored, shaped, formed, and carefully detailed the fabric of my spiritual life. She had an impact on me spiritually. She has "sewn" into my life things of great value. Her effort and time have resulted in a quality product. She has sewn into my life with time and effort the value and quality of the garment. She has laid a strong, costly foundation.

God is calling me beyond the ministry of the first garment. If I keep wearing the first, old garment, it is too tight and I will rip it.

The dream places an emphasis on the quality and the fact that the garment was given to me to wear. I was to just take it freely. The garments were seamed the same because they are from the same God and the same Holy Spirit. The garments represent ministries. The colors on the second garment, which I put on to wear, represent the giftings of the prophetic and healing. These are costly and rare. They represent the extravagant graces of God.

Joseph’s coat had many colors because it was a prophetic representation of all God would fulfill in his future. This made his brothers react with jealousy and envy. There will always be people who will see the gift and judge. I need to just keep my eyes on God and leave them to the Lord. Like Joseph, God might use me later to bless them.

I spoke with Judy Phillips about my dream, and she said that her mom was a fashion designer. She had hopes for Judy to follow in her footsteps. Judy’s life took a different path, as a teacher of the Word of God. I believe that God fulfilled Judy’s mother’s dream for Judy, not in the natural sense, but in the spiritual. Judy is sewing into future ministries and anointings that will bless the Church. She is clothing students with the call of God. They are wearing the garments of their destiny!

Note from Judy

Because of Sandy’s dream and my involvement in it, I invited her and her daughter over to see my mother's notebooks of the many sketches of the fashions she had designed. They came over, and we had a great time visiting and seeing various types of fashions for numerous periods of fashion history from the 1920's on.