Specific Calling

One day when I was driving to work, Monday, September 12, 1983, I was thinking about our oldest son who, the day before, returned to Bible college after being home for summer vacation. I wished that I could go with him to college, but then wondered why. I was not a possessive mother. Why did I want to go with Rog? All of a sudden, it was as if a light turned on in my mind. I didnít hear or see anything, but at once I realized that I wanted to go with Rog so I could teach in Bible college. Of course. Why hadnít I thought of that before? I am supposed to teach theology and Bible in Bible college. There seemed no doubt in my mind; God had just "called" me.

That evening I told my husband about my strong impression of teaching in Bible college. I said if this is a call of God, I would need to go to graduate school for more education. He said that he thought I should do it, that he thought this was God calling me. Dal always has enjoyed my teaching in Sunday School, so he agreed that I should teach in Bible college. He was very supportive. I didnít even have to cry or beg.