Student Comments of Judy's Teaching

The positive response of students to my teaching is one confirmation to me that God has called me to the teaching ministry. Although they state that my courses are challenging, they learn and come back after graduation and thank me for the impact on their lives and ministry.

The following are some of the students’ comments:

1.  Her anointed sermonettes are collectors’ items.

2.  As a teacher, Judy has no real weaknesses—teaching is her gift from God. She could take better care of herself though—so she’ll last longer.

3.  So much knowledge is her strength and openness to the Spirit of God and His leading. She is an inspiring, exciting, and electric teacher, full of wisdom.

4.  Strongest point: desire to find God’s truth.

5.  I enjoyed her excitement and her teaching. She really lived what she taught.

6.  Judy is the greatest—I learn so much through her ministry and reflection of Christ.

          7.  All I have to say is: Wow!

8.  I learned so much during the discussions and lectures—so rich with information and knowledge and insights!

9.  Judy is a perfect example of what a teacher should be like. I commend her for her excellence, true dedication to her students, and her genuine care for us!

10.  Overall, still one of the biggest impacts on my life. Thanks!!!

11.  Judy has such insight and wisdom, yet she always gives God all the glory. God has used Judy in a wonderful way in my life—much healing has taken place. Judy has helped me tremendously in disciplining myself to study God’s Word. It has been such a blessing that I will continue.

12.  I really enjoyed the enthusiasm Judy has when she teaches her classes. She expresses well her belief in what she teaches. Judy is always well prepared when questions come up. And I am amazed by all her knowledge—her classes have enriched my life!

13.  As a teacher, I don’t think Judy has any weak points.

14.  Judy encourages you to live and be the best for Jesus that you can be.

15.  She accepted varying views on doctrine very well.

16.  Awesome course [Hebrews] and instructor.

17.  Judy has a sincere desire for all to learn and to expound her knowledge to others. I have grown to appreciate her even more in this past year.

18.  Awesome—best class ever—learned the most. This class [Old Testament Prophets] eternally impacted my life—Thanks.

19.  Judy is concerned with each student and her focus is for the eternal value of all. Judy has a clear understanding of the Word.

20.  This course [Old Testament Prophets] makes you learn or else. I was pleased to have Judy as an instructor. I will never forget her. She knows what she is talking about. I wouldn’t change a thing.

21.  It changed my life—getting to know God more deeply, more thoroughly. She knows her God and His Word—she imparts it well.

22.  Judy’s strong points are her walk with God and laughter.

23.  She has totally changed my life; how I pray; how I respond to trials; my love for God. The tests can be tough, but we learn! Judy has brought the Old Testament alive to me! She’s planted in me an excitement and desire to study deeper.

24.  It was an awesome class [Old Testament Poetry] that made me grow closer to God.

25.  Judy is strong in her understanding of the subject and has a deep sincere love for our class and us.

26.  I have grown in the knowledge and understanding of who God is. My life is changed irreversibly.

27.  The information was never dull or dry! always tantalizing. One of the better organized teachers I’ve ever had. I remember her using statements for the practical nature more than just to be talking.

28.  Strong voice, very clear, motivator.

29.  Loved this class [God the Father] very much; have a better understanding of God, His plans and purposes.

30.  For me personally, this course [Theology and Doctrine] has been an "eye-opener!" After twenty years as a believer, I found that I "knew" most of the material ONLY on the surface level. "I’ve been drinking milk way too long!" This course offered me the chance to "really bite down on some meat." There should be a way to request believers to go through a course like this after every five or ten years. Imagine the revival that would take place!!

31.  I have the opportunity to learn so much. And the good part about it is that when I’m studying and doing assignments, I feel like I’m having devotions and the Holy Spirit is right with me.

32.  Your teachings are so rich.

33.  Thanks for a couple of great classes this semester. Although your classes typically have a lot of work, I am blessed by what I come away with learning. Thanks for being diligent to God’s calling.

34.  I really enjoyed your classes. Thank you so much for your teaching. I learned a lot.

35.  You have walked me through a lot of my learning. I am grateful to have such a woman of God playing a key role in my development.

36.  It has been a rare opportunity to be almost tutored by such an excellent teacher who cares so much about each of us personally.

37.  You have blessed and touched many, many students. You have taught me so much, Judy, and you always add so much more to your classes than what is required. I’ll always cherish what I have learned in the New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic Theology, Paul and Spiritual Formation. Thank you for making everything so much clearer to me.

38.  No teacher is like you. I miss your style, your teaching personality, and all that you add into your classes. There are so many things that you have taught me that have really stuck with me. Your teaching and the things you say never go unnoticed and are never forgotten by me and I’m sure others. You have truly touched many people.

39.  Judy has been an encouragement to me throughout all of her classes. She is enthusiastic when she speaks and really wants to share all that she can with us. She loves the Lord and God’s love reflects in and through her. She certainly goes the extra mile in each class because she loves us and wants the best for us.

40.  Great teacher!

41.  Great course [God the Father]. While participating in this course I grew very much in the faith and understanding of God.

42.  This is the first time in college that I have been intellectually challenged.

43.  Thank you so much for all your encouragement. God used you in my life, and I know he has used you in the lives of many. Keep up the good work for the Lord.

44.  This has been a fun class [Pentateuch].

45.  I have appreciated your encouragement throughout the semester. You have been a blessing to me.

46.  Thank you for the encouraging words. I really appreciate them. I have enjoyed our class together.

47.  I really feel like I am learning a lot in your class. You are very organized.

48.  I learned a lot in your class this semester. You are a wonderful teacher.

49.  I have enjoyed your class. You are very organized and you have made it very easy and enjoyable for me this semester.

50.  This class [Spiritual Growth] has helped me through some very difficult times over the last couple of months. Through the homework and exercises, I have been able to keep my focus in the right place and by doing so have been strengthened, immeasurably enriched, and received direction. The Lord impressed upon me that I still have a lot to learn and need to be more diligent about reading His Word and praying. Your class is nurturing this so much in my life.

51.  I have to tell you that I’ve never seen an instructor as knowledgeable about their subject as you are.

52.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class, Judy [Spiritual Growth]. I learned so much. The important thing that has changed my life in this class is how to focus truly on God, how to pray by first starting to praise Him and focus on Him. I never dwelt on what praise actually is, which simply is communicating back to Him all His qualities and what we see favorably in Him. That in itself has opened my eyes and made me more aware of how to praise Him and being more aware of His presence. Praise and worship have really taken on new meaning for me as has reading God’s Word. Now I ask, what did I get out of it, what does God want to teach me, and how does it apply to me today. Now when I read, I sort of take it with me all day and meditate on it. Thank you so much for teaching this class. It took the focus off of me and on God. Thanks again for sharing your love for the Lord with us and sharing all that you can about Him to us.

53.  Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience. I have truly enjoyed every moment of both your Old and New Testament classes.

54.  In the Spiritual Growth class, I have been becoming more and more God-centered rather than self-centered and have been freer to become effective in service for the glory of God and for the benefit of others. Being in God’s presence and worshipping Him is becoming a lifestyle for me.

55.  I just want to encourage you by saying that I am learning quite a bit [Spiritual Growth]. Praising the Lord and exalting Him is becoming an everyday thing for me.

56.  No class or course has ever given me as much in the way of personal growth and satisfaction as has this Old Testament study. Because of this whole school experience, I have sought and received the Spirit baptism, and I’m closer to the Lord than ever before. Specifically because of the Old Testament series, I have become more aware of my responsibility before God and, more specifically, this semester I have become more aware of my responsibility to others.

57.  For five semesters now Judy has been mentor and friend to me, accepting my weaknesses but encouraging my strengths, while all the time demanding my best.

58.  I’ve never left her class "hungry."

59.  Judy is an extraordinary teacher. Teaching is her greatest gift, and the work of the Holy Spirit is clearly evident in every course, every lecture, and every word of instruction she gives.

60.  In grading papers, Judy can be so very critical and so very kind at the same time. The result is greater effort with less fear next time on the part of the student.

61.  You have taught me and given me so much insight into the things of God and His Word that I can’t thank you enough. From one end of the Bible to the other, you have enlightened me and created a hunger to learn more about the things of God. You have raised my confidence in my God and myself in your encouragement and directing my life while in your classes by the example of your life of dedication to God and His Word, by the knowledge and wisdom that you have shared with me, by your stern but fair evaluation of my work, and by the graciousness that you bring with you into the class.

62.  From this course, I found a renewed appreciation and understanding of the ways of God in dealing with humanity on personal and corporate or national levels. Upon gaining a more intimate knowledge of the lives of the prophets, i.e., the depth of their conviction in the fact of frequent and relentless ignorance and opposition, and their resolves to obey and make known the ways of God, I personally, came away with a renewed spiritual impetus to follow more closely, listen more carefully, study more intently, and seek Him with a more confident tenacity. Because of the content of this study and its emphasis on judgment and correction, as well as its instructor (you know who you are, Judy!), I feel like I now have a more balanced view of God’s judgments and mercies, i.e., his righteous requirements and his long-suffering patience, his absolute holiness, and his grace to redeem fallen man. I must say, Judy, that in spite of your lack of specific knowledge in a few instances (then again I can ask some rather obtuse questions sometimes!), I keenly appreciate your attention to answer questions specifically and to the point. I have found that to be a rare quality. Furthermore, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard a teacher that better balances between disseminating the base academic content of biblical literature without losing sight of an awareness of the spiritual nature and function of the work you’re performing. I must say, Judy, that I was specifically and personally ministered to in a number of classes, and I felt the anointing on your teaching and deeply appreciate it.

63.  Through your courses, I am getting to know my God in a deeper way, having the joy of my salvation restored, and my spirit renewed. The fervency that I felt as a young believer is a part of my life once again.

64.  When I attended the first night and reviewed the syllabus and saw all that was required, I thought to myself, "you’ve really done a stupid thing this time." No way was I going to be able to keep up in the class, and I was sure I would be dropping out. But something happened once the instruction began; there was such a conviction that came over me, that the only way I can put it into words is to say that I fell completely in love with the class, the study, the assignments, and most of all, God’s Word. I couldn’t wait to get to class; many times I would be in class an hour before starting time. As I thirsted after God and his desire for my life, I found myself being refreshed each Tuesday night while drinking in knowledge from Judy’s messages. Thank you, Judy Phillips. You are a woman whose voice speaks truth, whose eyes shine brightly, and whose person reflects Jesus. My only regret is that the class has come to an end. But Glory to God, there is still more to learn.

65.  This class has broken down complex concepts into bite-size pieces. Now I feel challenged to read and study the Old Testament instead of being overwhelmed! Most importantly, I feel that God has opened my eyes up to Scriptures which will change my life. The foundation being built during this class is very strong, and I feel that the Lord is strengthening my concept of Him and the Christian walk. Thank you for your teaching style, Judy. I appreciate your ability to make mind-boggling statements understandable! The facts you present are clear and concise. Thank you for "walking us through" these ideas.

66.  I appreciate that you try to get many points and ideas grounded into our heads, so we will know them for the ministry. The Old Testament has so much to say about ministry, how to do it, and how not to do it. I’ve learned a lot in your classes because you portray the Scriptures and make them all come alive in the culture and customs, thought, literature, and mind set of the writers and peoples of the time. Thanks a lot for your dedication.

67.  The teaching style allowed for a little bit of class participation, yet still covered a lot of information. The information incorporated some popular theological differences, stimulating thought on our part. Even with other views of the Bible and some views that Judy had on the subject, Judy always separated what is known or commonly believed from what was speculation.

68.  Old Testament Prophets has been a great class. There is just so much material that it has inspired me to dig into the Old Testament. I really like the way that Judy presents God in the Old Testament. Not just facts, but you can see the face of God. Judy, I want to thank you for your love for God and your concern for each individual student that you teach. You are truly a blessing and woman of God.

69.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your teaching and for all that you have done for me in my relationship with Christ. It is evident in your teaching that what you teach is a part of your life. You are not teaching just to teach, but you love what you are doing and you take a real interest in every single student. I don’t think it would matter what you teach or do in your life, it would turn out good because God is in all that you do.


70.  You opened people’s mind and heart as you did mine to the gospel of Christ.  I’ll never forget how well you taught me.