A 70-year-old world traveler, stated:
 This tour was the highlight of my life.  I made lasting friendships and walked in the footsteps of Jesus and where God was active mightily in history and is active now.

A minister commented:
I am still enjoying the memories of last year's trip.  It would be hard to find one as good as that one!

An Instructor at Bethany University said:
When I was standing at the place where Jesus fed the 5,000, I realized at a deeper level that Jesus not only supplies our needs (they had leftovers), but He gives to us out of His bounty and love.  It's just as if each day of the tour I started out with a small cup and God overflows that and my faith grows and I get a bigger cup and He fills that to overflowing and then my faith and expectancy grow and I get a larger cup and He fills that and overflows it, etc.

Another tour member stated:
Before going on the tour, I pictured Jesus on a stage with no background.  But now it is as if the whole stage is lit with Israel as the environment.  My experience went from the idea of black and white pictures to full color panorama.

Other comments:

There were special gems each day to be discovered.  It was as if the Bible came alive and we were entering into green pastures, feasting on the depths of God's provision for spiritual wholeness.

I could not have dreamed of a better tour; this tour far surpassed my wildest dreams!

Each day of the tour God, from His bounty, filled my faith and cup to overflowing!

I received hands-on knowledge that only comes from walking where Jesus walked!

This tour helps me in meditation, praying, and listening to sermons and teachings!

Thank you for the teaching and spiritual input; I will never be the same!

Nothing ever will be the same; I lived a lifetime in two weeks!

I see a clearer picture of the Bible and the people of the book!

What a fantastic journey and unforgettable experience!

This tour has enhanced my walk with Jesus Christ!

Now, I understand the roots of Christianity better!

My passion for God and His work has increased!

I will always take my Israel experience with me!

I was blessed beyond all my expectations!

This tour corrected many misconceptions!

It really put the Bible in perspective!

I have never had better teaching!

We received a lot for our money!

My life has not been the same!

I enjoyed the times of praise!

It was more than I expected!

Best tour I have ever taken!

It was a trip of a lifetime!

The Bible comes alive!

I'm forever changed!


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