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Reyah Mission and Objectives

Welcome to Reyah Bible College.  We believe our calling and mission is to "spread everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ," 2 Corinthians 2:14, and to help students be better trained and equipped to serve the Lord wherever they are located.

Reyah Mission Statement

Reyah Bible College exists to provide convenient, flexible, time-efficient, yet affordable, high-quality biblical, theological, and spiritual education.
This is provided in semesters with teaching through live classes or audio via a flash drive and/or materials designed for our busy learners. This education is designed for busy learners to encourage learning, development, and service in order to enrich their lives and to disciple and equip them to be about our Fatherís business.

Reyah Bible College Objectives

Reyah Bible College is committed to the purposes and guiding principles as expressed in the following objectives:

  • Provide students with a high-quality, biblically based education.
  • Provide education in a manner that is convenient, flexible, and time-efficient, an education particularly designed for and accessible to the busy learner regardless of geographical location.
  • Provide education that is affordable and therefore readily available without the need for incurring a large debt for education.
  • Provide an environment that encourages students to learn, to develop personally, academically, and spiritually, and to serve God and others according to biblical perspectives.
  • Train students in the areas of Bible and Theology in order that they may become educationally qualified for ministerial credentialing.
  • Provide education for experiential learning which can count in a portfolio for credit at many regionally accredited colleges.
  • Provide scholarly and practical education that biblically and spiritually enriches, disciples, and equips students to be effective and fruitful in their lives in God's service.


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