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Student Guidelines

Students who graduate from Reyah Bible College have gained biblical and spiritual enrichment.  Also, our courses can be applied educationally toward ministerial credentialing.  Degrees offered at Reyah Bible College are in the following areas of study:  Certificate in Biblical Foundations, Associate in Bible and Theology, and Bachelor in Bible and Theology.  In addition, our students enjoy experiential learning which can count in a portfolio for credit at many colleges.

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     1. Admission to Reyah Bible College
     2.  Student Identification Code
     3.  Courses
     4.  Some Courses Are Through Live Classes & Some Are Through Audio Teaching Privately

5. Order Audio Teaching

     6.  Payment of Costs
     7.  Registration
     8.  Academic Advising
   9.  Transfer of Credit
   10.  Experiential Learning Credit
   11.  Enrollment
   12.  Enrollment Status
   13.  Withdrawing from a Course
   14.  Requirements for Graduation
   15.  Student Conduct
   16.  Honor Code
   17.  Course Work
   18.  Insurance
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Admission to Reyah Bible College
Those who seriously want to learn through the courses offered by Reyah Bible College may do so as long as they:

     1.  Fill out the one-time Application form
     2.  Write a one-page essay, stating why they want to enroll and how they believe

Reyah Bible College can help in their life goals
     3.  Are accepted for enrollment by Reyah Bible College
     4.  Register for course(s)
     5.  Pay the appropriate costs

Acceptance also is based upon the opinion of Reyah Bible College, considering the quality of the applicant's essay and a strong probability of success in their learning.  Although applicants will not be discriminated against, based upon sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, or disability, Reyah Bible College reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason it may consider valid.

Students may submit their application through the postal mail, e-mail, or fax.  Application forms are available through the mail upon request and on our web site at:  http://reyah.org 

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